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How it Works

Walk Georgia is, at its heart, a very sophisticated system for keeping track of your physical activity. Based on user and administrator input and feedback, we have learned a great deal since the program began in 2008. With this iteration of the Walk Georgia website, we are rolling out many new features and upgraded functionality. If you have questions about how the system works, head over to our FAQ by clicking the button below.

Who We Are

Walk Georgia is a free Web-based fitness program designed to encourage activity and exercise through accountability and community! The Walk Georgia program provides free fitness tracking, research-based knowledge, and resources on fitness. The website enables users to track their activities and record fitness progress; users can see how they stack up against other individuals in their county, the state, and can even create custom group challenges! The website also provides resources on health and the tools and information to get physically active in each Georgia county. Users can choose to participate individually, or within a group to foster accountability or competition! Get started by registering here. We hope you’ll be inspired to join us and others in Georgia as we get more active and become healthier! Walk Georgia is administered in your county by local UGA Extension agents. For more information, call your county Extension office, 1-800-ASK-UGA1.

A Brief History

Walk Georgia is supported in part by a grant from The Coca-Cola Foundation. The goal of this public-private partnership is to help improve the lives of Georgia residents through simple ways of being more physically active and making healthy lifestyle choices. Coca-Cola shares our belief that it will take all of us – businesses, government, communities, academia – coming together to address the serious, complex issue of obesity. We are pleased to be partnering with The Coca-Cola Foundation to improve the health and wellness of Georgians.

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Project Evaluation Report


The goals of this program, sponsored by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension and its partners, are to help you:

  • Get more fit.
  • Develop the habit of regular physical activity.
  • Get support from others who are also interested in moving more.
  • Have fun!

Additional Resources

We've been hard at work compiling resources for Walk Georgia users. Most of these items can be located through our ‘Resources' page. We've combined various materials – recipes, Georgia State Park information, online resources and reviews, and health and wellness articles authored by Extension personnel – from our official blog and newsletter. Visit the Resources page to learn more.