Record. Connect. Discover.

With you can record all your physical activity, connect and engage your community for competition or fitness accountability, and discover new resources to stay healthy and active.

Please note that this website and interface will be deactivated on December 31, 2020. This difficult decision was made by our administration due to aging infrastructure and limited resources. We appreciate your support and interest in wellbeing, and encourage you to visit our related resources.

1 Record
your physical activity

Do you sow seeds or pound pavement? Walk Georgia can help you set goals and track your physical activity progress, no matter what your favorite recreation.

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2 Connect
with your community

Walk Georgia offers the power to form groups, which allows you to create and join communities of people who want to move more.

Want to organize a walking challenge at work? Or what about a family competition? Our website helps you create the perfect group for tracking any type of group wellness initiative.

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3 Discover
your potential

From simple meals to simple moves, Walk Georgia’s resources help you discover easy ways to pursue health.

Walk Georgia’s catalogue of resources contains local county parks and recreation centers, fitness demos, delicious recipes, activities for kids, and so much more!

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